Come to the Wonderland of Fish!

Exotic Fish From Around The World
Found No-Where Else.

Fish is our passion!  We try as hard as we can to be the best resource for all your Supplies, Food, Fish and Aquariums.

Come visit the wonderland of fish and be amazed!

We maintain one of the highest inventories of anyone in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area!


Keller Farms has an enormous selection of products to fill your tank!

We have aquariums of all shapes and sizes just waiting for your fish to explore.  We have all kinds of High tech. filtration systems with UV sterilizers to make sure your water stays clean and healthy for your fish.  We are also the only place around that carries spare parts to fix up your filtration system in case anything is wrong.

Maybe you are looking for something a little more adventurous?  We have reclaimed African Root Wood from Numibia with lots of little holes and niches for your fish to live in.  If wood doesn’t float your boat we’ve got rocks with tiny caves for your fish to call home.  Wood and rocks aren’t always very comfortable, so if you want your fish to live in luxury we have Plants and Ornaments!  Live corals, rocks, anemone, fresh water lobster from Taiwan, you will find anything your heart could desire to decorate your tank!

Beautiful scenery and fancy filtration systems are great, but healthy fish also need great food!  We have color enhancing high-protien fish food!  Even if your fish prefer spirulina to protien, we’ve got you covered.  We’ve got quality food from brand names you trust!

Speaking of trust, sometimes you just need a resource to find information on your passion!  We have books on fish, habitats and pond construction!

And if all that doesn’t impress you, we’ve got the special heaters and chemicals you need to keep your aquarium in prime condition.  Are you convinced yet?  Come on down to the Wonderland of Fish!